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Welcome to the Peter Condakes Company

The Peter Condakes Company is a full line distributor

Tomatoes ~ Fruits & Vegetables ~ Vegetables ~ Tropical & Ethnic Produce

State of the art HAACP Certified Facilities

Since 1900, the Peter Condakes Company has been one of the best recognized names in the produce industry. Located at the New England Produce Center in Chelsea, Massachusetts and the adjacent Boston Market Terminal in Everett, Massachusetts, Peter Condakes supplies fruits and vegetables to major supermarket chains, wholesalers, foodservice providers and restaurants throughout New England and the Canadian Maritimes.

NationFresh and Harvest Queen

Packaged under the Harvest Queen® brand, Peter Condakes tomatoes are fresh from the vine. The company's alliance with NationFresh® enables us to better serve regional and national accounts.

We welcome your business. Call us at (617) 884-5080 or Contact Us, we will be happy to assist you.